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“I had never experienced such excruciating and incapacitating pain with my neck. Talking or at least, jaw movement was painful, as was teeth brushing. It even affected my vision. I am never too sure how the Bowen magic works, as there is no wrenching, crunching or similar unpleasantness and I usually nod off. Whatever you did has done the trick. I felt a bit woozy that night and then that was it! Pain gone. Nothing. Not even a twinge! You are a credit to your industry!” R.S after just one treatment.

“A big thanks to you, Beth, my back feels amazing and my neck and shoulders all feel free and supple. I feel great!” H.C after just one Bowen treatment.

“I am now sleeping a lot better and don’t have to think before I move! My general health has improved and I will continue to have regular treatment in the future.” J.G

“I had many years of pain from a knee trauma, as well as back and neck pain. After just one treatment, I had a much more relaxed upper body and noticed an improvement in my physical ability. My recovery time after physical work is much quicker and the swelling to my lower leg is fully recovered after a night’s sleep.” G.B.

“Before Bowen with Beth, I had back ache and shoulder problems, I was in constant pain and had poor sleeping pattern. After one session, the shoulder pain has almost gone and generally I feel more relaxed with more energy. After the second treatment, I had a continued rise in energy and far, far less waking from pain – better sleep all round.” A.B.

Q. What complaint or symptoms brought you for a Bowen treatment?

A. Asthma, allergies and food intolerance – dairy, gluten,etc

Q. What did your symptoms prevent you from doing?

A. Non essential travel, eating out and drinking, socialising.

Q. Have you been able to resume doing them partially/fully since having Bowen treatment?

A. Now I travel more and have a more varied diet.

Bowen Therapy with Beth has increased the level of tolerance my body has to allergens. This has enabled me to come off all prescribed medicine, breath easier and not having to spend so much time feeling ill or managing my symptoms. I am a senior manager in a company and I run half marathons!

Bowen Therapy CheltenhamI was suffering with migraines for 28 years, over the last couple of years, they became more regular and intense, 2-4 weekly and lasting for 3 – 6 days. I was unable to sleep well, concentrate, eat (due to nausea), work, read or use a computer. Since starting Bowen Therapy with Beth, I have had one migraine in 3 months. I feel more relaxed, less anxious, more in control and able to cope. I sleep better and have less tension in my neck and shoulders.

“After years of neck pain and headaches, I read an article in a daily newspaper about the Bowen Technique. I have tried all the usual ones via the NHS, including pills and more pills. Hence a phone call to Beth. I still cannot believe the change in my well being. I very seldom have any of my former problems now. Life is so much better. J. P.

DSCF1053“I suffer from a condition which causes widespread muscle pain and stiffness throughout my body and have tried numerous therapies to try to help with the pain.

The only treatment which I have found consistently beneficial is Bowen Therapy. I have been seeing Beth regularly for the past couple of years and Bowen is a very gentle, painless and relaxing treatment to receive. I would highly recommend it for anybody who has an injury or ongoing condition” T.Bailey.

“I had 3 Bowen treatments with Beth and my frozen shoulder eased immensely. I found the treatments very relaxing as well as healing. No other treatments have been able to achieve these results and in such a short time.” T.B. .

“I thought my golfing days were over, but after a couple of Bowen treatments with Beth I’m playing as well as ever. I feel 10 years younger after Bowen!” J Penfold, Minchinhampton Seniors. Joe was 89 when he made this testimonial and he continued to play gold into his 90’s.

DSCF1048“Beth was recommended to me after years of unsuccessful and expensive treatments with various therapists on my knees, old dancing injuries.  Almost immediately I noticed a difference.  I used to experience pain  and ‘locking’ when walking downhill and sitting for long periods of time, for example, when driving long distances or watching a film.  Regular treatments with Beth have fixed this problem and I rarely experience pain now.”

“Beth has treated me throughout two pregnancies.  The treatments are gentle and relaxing and Beth readily adapts the movements to cope with the expanding bump!  I haven’t experience any back or pelvic pain in either pregnancy and I fully attribute this to regular maintenance treatments with Beth.”

“I initially went to Beth because my shoulders were out of alignment, causing some pain.  After only a couple of treatments, my shoulders were realigned and I no longer suffer from back pain.  In addition, I find the treatments very relaxing and they allow me to completely switch off after a stressful day at work.”

P1000667Reiki Testimonials

I so enjoyed my Reiki 1 attunement with Beth; she has a very friendly, sharing, down to earth and open approach.  All of this made for a very happy experience over the weekend and I’m really looking forward to Reiki 2.  If you’re thinking about learning Reiki I would certainly recommend you to talk to Beth.

Testimonials from Clients about Reiki Healing Experiences for their animals.

Reiki has the great advantage of also being sent from a distance. I have never met Squeek or Avatar, but with a photograph to connect with, I sent Reiki to both of them, every evening for about 2 to 3 weeks and received positive and encouraging feedback from their owners.

Wendy’s beloved black and white cat, Squeek was diagnosed with a tumour in the roof of her mouth, making eating and swallowing difficult for her. I sent distance Reiki healing for 2 weeks, every evening. Wendy could no longer see the tumour, but took Squeek to the vet, just to make sure. He was puzzled when he couldn’t see it either.

Wendy says –

“I can’t believe the good news about Squeek’s tumour. It was really massive and totally impeding her , to think it has gone completely shows the power of Reiki, doesn’t it !

Thank you so much. Wendy.”

Zoe’s horse, Avatar had a severe cut to his leg, that required stitching and 3 weeks box rest. Zoe was concerned that her horse would not take well to 3 weeks in a confined space, when he was used to being out in his paddock, where he could move around freely. After 3 weeks of sending Reiki to Avatar, Zoe reported back “ The vet is amazed at how quickly the wound has healed and Avatoar has remained very calm, much to my suprise.”

Animals are very open to the healing power of Reiki and my own cats love to come and sit with me while I am meditating, treating directly or sending Reiki.

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  1. I descovered Beth during one of the worst dibilitating times of my life. I had been house bound / bed bound for two years with 4 head injuries.

    I also suffered chronic back pain over 15 years and I have literally spent thousands of pounds on various treatments during this time to try and ease the pain.
    I’d been speaking with a friend who recommended I try Bowen. I had never heard of it, so was open minded and willing to give it a try. With Beth’s Bowen there’s the added bonus of Bach Flower Remedies and also Reiki incorporated to support my hormones and emotional state. This was very attractive as I needed more than just a physical treatment.

    During my Bowen treatment with Beth I was able to be put into a deep deep relaxation and place of tranquillity and calm. It’s so gentle yet so effective.
    Iafyer treatment I discovered I slept better, I felt like I was actually now able to recover. My back pain had gone and I could see noticeably that the Bach remedies were supporting me emotionally.

    As time has gone on Beth has revealed to me her immense knowledge and passion about Thyroid and Adrenal
    Fatigue. Without her I would never have known that I was suffering with this too. She guided me to an amazing Thyroid and Adrenal Fatigue specialist who has help transform my life.

    Beth has a natural warmth and really does care about you and is so helpful, I honestly can’t imagine how sick I would still be without her amazing Bowen and professional guidance.

    I call her my angel as she literally has transformed my life, I’m no longer sat on the side lines I’m gently participating in life again. I cannot recommend her incredible Bowen and expertise enough.

    Thank you Beth xx

    Amanda Hall

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